Critical Illness Cover

You never know when you could be diagnosed with a critical illness. Apart from the big impact this will have on your health and your family’s lives, it might have a devastating effect on your finances.

Taking out critical illness cover can give you some peace of mind and offer you financial aid if you should ever become critically ill and unable to work or earn an income. You will pay a monthly premium and if you become critically ill, a lump sum or monthly income will be paid out.

At Bespoke Money, we believe it is our responsibility to discuss these issues openly and honestly with you so that you and your dependents are provided for should anything totally unexpected happen to you. Once we know the risks that are most important to you and the likely outcome of you being unable to work and provide for your family, we will search our leading panel of trusted insurance providers to come up with a bespoke, affordable solution that covers all your needs.

If you’d like to know more about our critical illness cover, please contact us – our friendly team would be delighted to help you find the best solution you need.

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