Estate Agents

Working in partnership

Since we launched in 2008, we have worked extremely closely with local estate agents to further ensure we can help support you with a very smooth transition. It’s in an estate agents interest for you to get a mortgage without any delays and we want to ensure communication is excellent throughout the process. A better communication leads to a much better buying and selling experience for all parties involved.

We know that one of the biggest frustrations for everyone involved is when communication stops, and everything goes quiet.

That’s why we’re not just experts in finding the right mortgage products for our clients, we’re also experts in making sure everyone is in the loop. Working closely with estate agents allows us to remain completely independent but also naturally keeps the channels of communication open. That means there should never be a moment when the agent, solicitor or surveyor doesn’t know what’s going on.

One of the biggest frustrations for anyone involved in a house sale or purchase is when the communication between the different parts of the process breaks down and suddenly no-one knows quite where they stand.

Estate agent partnerships also benefit sellers because the agent needs to know whether a potential buyer can secure the borrowing necessary to make good on an offer – and we can give those reassurances where appropriate.

We are delighted to have been chosen as the preferred partner for Mayhew Estate Agents in East Grinstead.

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