Personal Protection

There are things in life we prefer not to think about or imagine might ever happen. But life is full of risks and uncertainties, which is why it is essential you make sure your financial future is covered and secure for both you and your dependents, whatever life may throw at you. When purchasing a home and borrowing a substantial amount of money on a mortgage, it is vital you are prepared for any eventuality. Have you ever thought about what might happen to your family if you suddenly found you were unable to work through illness, a serious car accident or having to face the consequences of a life-threatening disease like cancer?

At Bespoke Money, we believe it is our responsibility to discuss these issues openly and honestly with you so that your home is never at risk and your dependents are provided for should anything totally unexpected happen to you. Once we know the risks that are most important to you and the likely outcome of you being unable to work and provide for your family,
we will search our leading panel of trusted insurance providers to come up with a bespoke, affordable solution that
covers all your needs.

It is important to review your personal cover at key stages in your life. While you may not wish to insure your life as a single person, this obviously changes when you have a partner and a young family to support. You may wish to reduce this later in life when your children are no longer at home and your mortgage has been repaid.

Call us today on 0203 793 3690 to discuss the cover you require such as: Life cover and critical illness cover which will protect you and your dependents against the financial impact caused by a critical illness or life-threatening disease or if the worst was to happen. Income Protection insurance is designed to cover you for a short or long term sickness or disability. Accident, Sickness and Redundancy cover (also known as Mortgage Payment Protection insurance) will cover you for a short term basis up to a maximum of 2 years.

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