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Thanks to Kyle and his team at Blue Mountains Picnics we had a fantastic day for our elopement! I would highly recommend them for their easy organisation and flexibility.

Annie the photographer had some creative ideas and Sue Jack, our celebrant was extremely professional. Our guests agreed that it was the most intimate and personalised wedding to which they’d been.

- Daniel Carter February 2023
Family holding up a marriage certificate just after their Elopement in the Blue Mountains


Are you nervous about being unable to afford your wedding? Stop worrying with our affordable all inclusive elopement package. You can have confidence in knowing there won’t be any hidden costs or unexpected budget blowouts. Best of all we do payment plans at no extra cost which means you could be getting married for as little as $30 per week!

Bride holding her child at a Blue Mountains Elopement


It is easy to fall out of love with the process of organising a wedding leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. We arrange every component for you with our elopements being the absolute simplest and least time intensive way to organise your wedding. We’re also very experienced so you don’t need to worry about things potentially going wrong in the lead up or on the day allowing you to truly enjoy the entire process.

Signing marriage registration paperwork at a Blue Mountains Elopement


It is all too common for people to get through their wedding and end up regretting spending $10,000’s of dollars on a day that may not have lived up to their expectations. It is also easy to pick out things that went wrong or could have been done better. By deciding to elope with us you’ll avoid any potential regrets and have a truly meaningful day that is all about you and your partner.


We do regular giveaways which you can get 10 entries into by simply organising a Free Wedding Planning Consultation valued at $150. Regardless if you decide to get married with us or not, we’d love to get to know you and give you some great advice to help you plan your dream wedding that is stress-free and doesn’t break the bank.


Elopement Package

$3500 + GST
  • Marriage Ceremony including legal registration of marriage with Birth Deaths & Marriages
  • Your choice of one of our local Celebrants
  • Meeting with Celebrant to complete NOIM
  • Commemorative Marriage Certificate
  • Professional Photography (see below)
  • Exclusive Use of our Wentworth Falls Location
  • Up to 20 guests
  • Hire & Setup of our normal Picnic Equipment
  • Boho Themed Ceremony Backdrop
  • Light Gourmet Grazing Platter & 2 beverage choices
  • Wedding Planning & Liasion in the lead up


To secure your booking, all we need is a $100 + GST deposit. We also offer payment plans at no extra cost. Once we receive your deposit we will be in touch to organise the best arrangements with you and just need you to have paid in full a couple of weeks out from the day. However we do require atleast $550 including GST to be paid prior to meeting with the celebrant to complete the paperwork. If you prefer, you can still pay upfront to save the extra mucking around with a payment plan but it makes no difference from our end so please do whatever is best for you.


We typically only operate on weekends as we run back to back elopements/proposals at our Wentworth Falls location plus normal picnics at our other spot. This allows us to spread the workload out including the time needed to prepare, make food, travel, setup and pack up. We occasionally run elopements during the week but do charge an additional $500 + GST to cover the additional time and effort involved as it is a full day of work for us with much more logistics and people involved in an elopement. We can be more flexible with start time and duration during the week. Please get in touch if you would like a week day and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. If we switch to a location other than our normal spot even on a weekend this fee is also applicable to cover the additional time and logistics involved plus being unable to have multiple spots and bookings running at the same time.


The owners of Blue Mountains Picnics with a view of the Blue Mountains
The owners of Blue Mountains Picnics with a view of the Blue Mountains
The owners of Blue Mountains Picnics with a view of the Blue Mountains


We’re a young local couple who are lucky to call the Blue Mountains home and feel privileged to be able to create special moments for all of our wonderful clients. We love getting outdoors and enjoying nature in our own backyard whether that be bushwalking, checking out cool lookouts, kayaking or 4wding. We also like food and wine too!

We created Blue Mountains Picnics in August 2020 as we thought it would be an exciting business to put together combining a lot of our passions. We wanted to give anyone the opportunity to experience the Blue Mountains through the lens of a local by finding stunning spots that aren’t over crowded so you can really connect with nature and those you love. We’ve put a lot of thought and time into every detail of our picnics which showcase everything the Blue Mountains has to offer from the beautiful views, diverse wildlife and delicious food.

Our primary focus is now helping our clients with arguably the biggest moments of their lives being weddings and proposals. Our goal is to make these moments stress free, cost effective and something you will cherish for the rest of your life. It really warms our heart to be a part of such special milestones and there is nothing we love more than getting a rave review from a client who was blown away by their experience.

By choosing us for your special day, you are also supporting a small business with each and every client meaning a lot to us. We’re the sole owners of the business and have put in a lot of hard work, risk and investment of our own hard earned money to get established. It is also very important to us to support other local businesses whether that be our in-house celebrants and photographers, our team who helps us setup and deliver the picnics, our suppliers and more. We want to showcase and help as many local businesses and families as possible.

We’d love to welcome you to the Blue Mountains so we can have the pleasure of being a part of your special day

- Kyle & Emily


Booking your elopement is simple directly via our website with only a $110 deposit including GST required to secure your date and get the ball rolling. Our elopements are the simplest way to organise a wedding with minimal time needed on your end. We help you through the entire process which starts with selecting from one of our local celebrants. They then get in touch with you and organise the ceremony and legal side with you directly.

You must meet with your celebrant at least 1 month out from the day to fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage paperwork. Your celebrant will also get to know you both and discuss your vows and other details of the ceremony. We also suggest visiting the location at the same time as meeting the celebrant. If you happen to live far away this meeting can be done over zoom though.

We handle everything on the day so you just need to get yourself there and organise your outfits and rings. Every elopement gets a floral backdrop for your ceremony thanks to our friends at Thirty3 Events. We set this up away from the picnic setup but at the same location. It is a small 100 metre walk to our location but there are some knee high ledges to step down and uneven footing but it is rare for even elderly or disabled people to be unable to access the location.

As soon as you’ve booked in we can provide the directions to the location, if you’re worried about access for any of your guests we suggest visiting the spot so you can see it first hand. We also cannot provide seating for the ceremony due to the sandstone rock escarpment not being level so any guests will need to stand during the ceremony. However if this is difficult for anyone such as elderly guests you’re welcome to bring your own chair or similar for them. We can always switch to a more suitable location if needed but suggest booking in like normal and visiting the location first before making the decision to change venues. PLEASE NOTE: Changing locations from our normal spot incurs a $500 + GST fee (the same as the weekday picnic fee although if already on a weekday this isn’t charged twice) to cover the additional time and logistics involved with a one off setup. Particularly as we normally do back to back bookings plus have another spot nearby running with our normal picnics and are unable to operate like this when doing a one off setup.

We set everything up and leave prior to the ceremony starting with only our celebrant and professional photographer staying during the elopement. Once the ceremony is completed and you have had photos with any guests both the celebrant and photographer leave so you can enjoy the picnic side with your guests. You’re more than welcome to bring anyone you would like but we do have a 20 guest capacity.

We provide our normal picnic setup which has been designed around couples. Due to the nature of the location there isn’t enough room or level ground to setup more equipment, tables, chairs or similar to accommodate seating for all guests. (Remember this is an elopement not a wedding!) The bride and groom will be able to sit down and enjoy the picnic setup if they wish but we find most people stay standing while mingling with their guests. There are plenty of spots to sit and guests can sit on the pillows from the setup. We can supply enough food or drinks to accommodate all guests and work this out on a case by case basis for each elopement. We can also organise catering on request.

The duration of the elopement is 2 hours from the start of the ceremony to the finish of the picnic. As we do back to back picnics at multiple locations we do need to be firm with the start/finish times if this is the case but are happy to be a bit more flexible if we’re able. However we do find 2 hours is the perfect amount of time for our picnics. We’re also happy to accommodate any special requests or specific types of food or alcohol you would like. We can also do elopements on a week day for an additional fee of $500 + GST to accommodate the extra time needed for a one off picnic however we can be more flexible in start time and duration during the week.

We can also give you great suggestions for restaurants, accommodation, bush walks and more which we’ve actually experienced for ourselves. Most people go for dinner after the ceremony either up here or back in their own local area. We provide your photos within 72 hours of the ceremony via a Google Drive link but normally sooner than this. The final step is us posting your marriage certificates and getting some feedback.



When you’re ready you can book your elopement online by clicking the button below. Select your date & time and then secure your booking by either paying in full or putting down a $100 + GST deposit with payment plan options available at no extra cost. PLEASE NOTE: You must meet with our celebrants to lodge paperwork minimum 1 month out from your elopement so we suggest booking at least 2 months out to provide plenty of time


We then keep in regular communication with you in the lead up to your elopement. We help you through the entire process and make it a stress-free experience. We’re also available to answer any queries you may have and assist however needed.


It’s as simple as that! Just figure out your outfits and get yourself to our location and we’ll look after everything else. We would love to help you with your special day.


We have exclusive use of the iconic Leuralla Amphitheatre for weddings and have a stunning location on the same property to hold elopements. This spot looks directly into Jamison Valley where you can see the back for the iconic 3 Sisters. It is also on private land and is one of the rare places you can have an elopement in the Blue Mountains without an audience


IMPORTANT NOTE: As this location is private land, you are only able to access this location on the day of your elopement. However we will occasionally hold open days when you can visit the location and also have a detailed video explaining the location as if you were there.


Your wedding day is something that you will remember for the rest of your life and be sure to chat to your grandkids about. Imagine not just showing them the photos included in every elopement but a HD video of your special day including audio of the vows. We also have a photography upgrade which consists of many more photos from the day plus all the printed photos you would ever need for framing for yourself and also giving to friends and family.


  • Phone call with your photographer in the week leading up to your elopement
  • Approximately 45 minute photoshoot at your elopement
  • Minimum 50 high resolution images delivered within 72 hours but likely faster
  • Professional editing on all images (please note: this is enhancing the images only, no skin tone edits)
  • Full private ownership with no branding or watermarks


$1250 + GST
  • Everything in the included photography package
  • Additional approx. 45 minutes of photoshoot time
  • Minimum 100 additional high resolution images delivered within 72 hours
  • Sneak peek of at least 5 images delivered on the day
  • 3x premium quality photo books. Professionally printed and custom designed with your photos from the day including 1x revision prior to printing
  • 50x printed photos on 2500gsm gloss art photo paper ready to be framed and displayed (various sizes from A3 to A7)
  • Packaging and posting of physical items


$1000 + GST
  • Approximately 45 minute video shoot at your elopement
  • Minimum 45 second edited video delivered within 7 days
  • Full private ownership with no branding or watermarks
  • Phone call with your videographer in the week leading up to your elopement


$1650 + GST
  • Approximately 1.5 hour video shoot at your elopement
  • Minimum 45 second edited video
  • Minimum 3 minute edited video including audio recording of vows and more diverse footage
  • 3x 10 second portrait reel videos
  • All videos delivered within 7 days
  • Full private ownership with no branding or watermarks
  • Phone call with your videographer in the week leading up to your elopement
Picnic food and beverages


Our delicious food and beverages will have your mouth watering regardless of your tastes or dietary requirements. Our Gourmet Picnic menu is fully customisable so you can design your own picnic. We cater for allergies, vegans, celiacs and all other dietary requirements. It is quick and easy to select your choices via our website which means it is no big deal if you do have specific requirements!

We focus on offering a lot of diversity with the finest ingredients. Were a registered food business meaning we prepare, store and transport our food in accordance with all food handling guidelines. We have also put a lot of thought into the logistics of serving this food at our picnic locations and ensure the food is as refrigerated and fresh as possible. Each Gourmet Picnic includes the following

  • 2 choices of cheese, dips or antipasto
  • 2 choices of crackers
  • Seasonal fruit
  • 1 choice of nuts or dried fruit
  • 1 choice of chocolate
  • 2 choices of complimentary beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverages

In our standard elopement package we provide one platter and 2 beverage choices as per a normal picnic however we can add platters, beverages and glassware as needed. We will advise what we suggest based on your number of guests and work things out with you closer to your picnic.

View menu
Picnic food and beverages
Picnic equipment


Let’s face it, people rarely go on picnics as while everyone loves them the hassle of having to buy the food, transport everything, setting up and then having to clean and sort everything out afterwards takes the enjoyment out of it.

Included as part of every picnic is the hire of our picnic equipment including transport, setup, pack up and cleaning. Our picnic setting consists of

  • 2 rugs to replace a traditional picnic blanket
  • Lots of cushions so you’re super comfy
  • Decor including flowers, lantern and more.
  • Picnic basket, blankets, games, sunscreen, insect repellant and a first aid kit
  • Bluetooth speaker so you can play your favourite music
  • Table to place drinks
  • Ice bucket and glassware


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